Being an Adult

Hello family

After such a long break from the site, I am back again and for good this time. I’ve missed everyone. I’ve been going through what we call ‘adulting’, it’s so funny that when are young we envy to be grown ups but once we reach the stage we want to go back to being young. Never have I thought in my life that growing up is hard and our parents would put it but I experienced it first hand after going to varsity. Now you need to learn to manage your time well, you have responsibilities you thought you wouldn’t have. You have to learn to be independent or else you won’t survive in this world. We all got what we didn’t expect from growing up but one step at a time hey.


Being in a Relationship

I am a human ,therefore I also envy to be in a relationship. I’ve always told myself that being in a relationship means nothing and one should be by themselves . But recently my mind and heart are slowly changing. These days I envy a relationship so bad that I crave it like a junkie craving drugs. After seeing Olivia & Fitzgerald, Charlotte & Remi,I seem to be ready to be in a relationship unless it’s my mind playing games but we’ll SEE AS TIME GOES.

Being different

Some people think being the same ( acting the same,copying each other) is life. But no, life is about being different and unique. Being different makes you stand out from the crowd of millions of people. Being different is something we should celebrate not be ashamed of. I myself I’m way too different in my own way that people can’t seem to know anything about me,I’m referred to as a ” tough nut to crack” some think I’m a ” cold bitch” because am unreachable and don’t cooperate with people much. But none of it matters because AM JUST DIFFERENT IN MY OWN WAY AND THERE IS NOTHING ANYBODY CAN DO ABOUT IT. I love myself just the way I am. # inspired by shekhinah


We as people do not appreciate others while they are still alive. One moment they are there and the other they are gone. We have to appreciate them and show them we love them while they are still living to avoid having regrets.